You can chat with us at: territorytrain [at] gmail [dot] com.


So how the heck do I pay?

1) Fill out our form. Have one group leader fill out our easy-to-follow sign-up form.

2) Once we receive your registration, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your registration within two-three business days.

3) We will invoice the deposit for each person in your group ($100/person). Upon payment, you will officially reserve your seat on the Territory Train.

4) After this payment is complete, you will receive one more invoice to complete the remaining balance.

How late can I request a refund in full?

You have until 60 days before departure. After this deadline, we absolutely cannot refund your money, as reserved in our Terms & Conditions.

Game time:

Where are our seats going to be?

We typically aim to have seats for each game that give a different perspective of the stadium from one game to the next.

Are we all sitting together?

Yes, as one giant force of Twins Territory.

Outside the stadium:

What are we doing when we aren’t at the stadium?

Well, when we’re not trekking the interstates, cheering at the stadium, tailgating, or sleeping, we find entertaining ways to fill the weekend. Depending on the trip, we’ve been known to tour the city on the bus during our free time, and many times we’ve hit up a local restaurant to help take in a little more of the local flavor (e.g. BBQ in KC, a dive bar & grill in Cleveland featured on the Food Network, etc.) [food/beverage not provided by Territory Train].

We want to celebrate after the game and enjoy some nightlife in the city; will we have the opportunity?

We have one of the best bus drivers in the business, and he’s usually kind enough to transport people to lively parts of the city after the game to take in a celebratory bite to eat, or a pint (for those interested).


Where do we get picked up?

Our meeting place is the rear of the WalMart parking lot in Woodbury, MN — about 15 minutes east of St. Paul. You are welcome to safely leave your vehicle(s) there for the duration of the trip as well.

What’s the ride like?

It’s similar to a sports bar & grill on game day. It’s a very energetic, enthusiastic ride to and from our destination.

How many pit stops will we make?

It depends on the length of the trip, but we usually take around three-four stops (bathroom break, refreshments, meals, too). We also stop for any meals during which we are traveling. Note: If you’re not much for fast food, we suggest bringing a meal from home.

Can we have a beverage on the bus?

Yes. And that includes alcohol, if you so desire. Two reminders, though: 1) we expect guests to drink responsibly; and 2) we expect people to dispose of their garbage along the way (cans, fast foot containers, etc.).

Is it a family environment?

Our Major League trips have an atmosphere similar to a sports bar & grill on a Friday night. Alcohol is permitted aboard the motorcoach, and guests are expected to be responsible and respectful of one another. That said, we gladly welcome guests under the age of 21. Those under the age of 18 require adult supervision.