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* Bus: Our bus will depart early Friday morning at 9:30 AM. The Victory Celebration Church will be our meeting place. You are more than welcome to leave your cars there for the duration of the trip.

Bus stop

* Beverages: Coolers for beverages and snacks are strongly encouraged for the ride out.

* Hotel: We should arrive at our hotel in Milwaukee around mid-afternoon. At that point we’ll check in and unload our luggage.

* Pre-game: The first game we attend will be at 7:05 CDT. So we’ll plan on arriving at the ballpark between 4:30 PM and 5:00 PM for any tailgating or stadium touring you’d like.


* Tailgating: As mentioned above we’ll try to arrive at a reasonable time in order to give you plenty of time for tailgating. Between each line of buses is a substantial amount of room to set up camp for our group. I strongly recommend bringing tailgating activities (Corn Hole/Baggo, glove/ball, etc.), and snacks (small non-gas grills are permitted). It’s a pretty exciting atmosphere. Tickets will be distributed before tailgating, so you can enter the stadium at any time you please. (We’ll all be seated together inside the ballpark.)

* Game: Friday’s game will be in the mezzanine, looking down at third base.

Friday Seats Edit

* Post-game: The bus will be waiting for us where we left it. For those interested in going out after the game to a lively part of Milwaukee to celebrate the Minnesota victory, the bus will drop you off in a centralized location to meander around town. Anybody else who would like to go back to the hotel and rest up, the bus will head that direction immediately after the game as well.


* Wake up: Our day gets going early. Enjoy a continental breakfast at the hotel, and then our adventure begins. Probably will depart around 9:30-10:00 AM.

* Tailgating: Since Saturday’s game is a 1:05 PM start, lunch will take place while we tailgate. We’ll stop by the grocery store and liquor store on our way in. We’ll aim to be to the parking lots around 10:30-11:00 AM.

* Game: Game will start at 1:05 CDT. You are welcome to enter the stadium at any time during/after we tailgate. Saturday’s game will be in the right field bleachers.

Saturday Seats Edit

* Post-game: Previously, on Territory Train, we’ve used matinee games like this as a good opportunity to go back to the hotel afterward, rest up, take a dip in the pool, order a pizza — whatever you need to be successful — and eventually head back out for the evening to take in some Milwaukee night life.


* Departure: We’ll check out of the hotel at a reasonable hour, so you can get some good rest, and leave around 10-11:00 AM.

* Bus: We’ll make a few stops along the way for refreshments, bathroom breaks, lunch, etc.


Check our price guide here.

We only ask for a $100 deposit per guest to reserve a spot on the bus. You can submit payment individually, or one group leader can pay the full sum. The remainder of the balance is due April 1st, 2015.