Major League Virtual Tour

Ever wondered what it would be like to join the most enthusiastic fans in Twins territory for a weekend abroad? Here’s a front-to-back pictorial of all the excitement you’ll experience aboard the Territory Train. This virtual tour will pick you up at the bus stop, take you to the stadium, and be your designated driver for the whole weekend. Let’s roll.

Walmart_Take OffThe bus stop: Rise and shine — you won’t want to be late on your first day of class. Our journey begins in the Walmart parking lot (in Woodbury, MN) as a meeting place for departure. You’re welcome to leave your cars in the lot for the duration of the weekend.

The ride: We ride in style in a 56-passenger premium motorcoach provided by the Lorenz Bus Company. This is the same bus company that provides transportation to and from Target Field for the vast majority of visiting MLB teams. So, you quite literally get Major League treatment with Territory Train — complete with restroom, DVD monitors, and comfy seats that have been used by the likes of Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols, and a host of other superstars.


Driver: Ed has been our legendary chauffeur since day one. He specializes in expert navigation, Twins analysis, roasting guests, and other party-related guidance — the ultimate designated driver.

Bus Experience_Tables

Beverages: Once the wheels are rolling, we welcome our passengers to crack open a cold refreshment. Adult beverages are permitted in the cabin. So load up your coolers with all your favorites — you may find that the ride goes by a lot faster this way.

Bus Experience

Bus ambiance: Things are pretty lively for the majority of the commute. There’s usually a “DJ” with an iPod compiling a great soundtrack in anticipation of the big night ahead. The spirit of and environment aboard the Train is quite comparable to a sports bar on a Friday or Saturday evening.

Hotel: We usually stay at 2- and 3-star level hotels. The bus’s tour guide will check everybody in and provide each party with room keys upon arrival. Above are the accommodations we’ll be enjoying for the 2013 Chicago trip.

Group shot II

Pre-stadium outings: We also like to give our fans the opportunity to take in a little bit of the local scene in the city before we arrive at the ballpark. You’re welcome to travel on foot to see the sights, and taste the flavors. The bus will give us an centralized pick-up and drop-off location at which to meet.

Tailgating IV

Pre-game tailgating: For ballparks that permit tailgating, we will most certainly partake. Guests are strongly encouraged to bring tailgating games, (charcoal) grills, and anything else that makes your pavement party feel complete. Parking lot arrival will be two or more hours prior to the first pitch giving ourselves a good chance to settle in and meet the neighbors. Guests are also welcome to enter the stadium anytime they like, as tickets will be distributed as soon as we park.


Pre-game stadium parties: Depending on the trip, we sometimes will add in a pre-game catered party. This usually is a private area reserved at the stadium, and features all-you-can-eat & drink buffets, and/or scenic viewpoints within the ballpark. For example, at Kauffman Stadium (above), we had a private buffet located immediately behind the waterfalls in right field. The Chicago White Sox also have a unique perk in that their buffet includes all-you-can-drink adult beverages as well.


Seats: We do our very best to give you different perspectives of the field (Miller Park pictured) whether it be the first baseline one night…

Seat Views

Seats: …or the third baseline the next (Kauffmann Stadium pictured).

Sit With Your Friends

Seating arrangements: We all sit together as one giant force of Twins territory. It’s much more fun (and comforting) to cheer when you’ve got 40 other people wearing the same colors in your section.

Late Night

Post-game: For those who want to extend their evenings and celebrate a Twins victory in the city, we will accommodate you. Our driver will drop us off right in the thick of the action (e.g. downtown, uptown, Kansas City Power & Light District [pictured above]) and will pick us up just shortly before bar close (in a centralized meeting area). If you prefer to turn in and get some rest after the game, we’ve got you covered, too. Ed will bring folks back to the hotel just after the game as well.

Satellite TV

The ride home: Some of our buses come equipped with satellite TV monitors, so you’ll never miss a second of Twins baseball. We’ve truly got you covered from the front end of the trip to the very end.

Tailgating III

Guests: So bring your best friend…


Guests: …bring your roommates…

Group shot I

Guests: …bring the whole neighborhood.

Group Shot III

Your destiny: Our trips are about baseball, and so much more. The camaraderie, the bonding, the sights, the flavors, the hops, the go-ahead HRs in the top of the 13th inning — memories you’ll share with Twins fans for the rest of your life. Just bring your legendary Twins fanaticism, and let Territory Train take care of all the details.